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Fast & Simple

LitePoS is a browser-based point of sale system that only requires a working internet connection to be accessed. There’s absolutely no download included and no need for prior setup. The interface is designed for ease of use and smooth business management to cater to all business types.

View details with ease

LitePoS provides its users with all the necessary details that concern invoices, stock, inventory, shops, item movement and more. An array of reports, accounts management, multi-orders processing, and other features ensure that all changes are tracked and synched as they happen across the system.
Print options are also available for receipts, invoices, and reports in order to cover the needs required out of the system.

Multiple Payment Methods

LitePoS integrates various payment methods to satisfy all clients. Cash, debt, vouchers, discounts, and gift cards options are available and functional. The transactions carried through LitePoS are fast, dynamic and secure. The system will automatically categorize the clients according to their payment method and preference to further enhance the user experience.

Customize your own POS

The Point of Sale interface is unique to its user. LitePoS allows a level of personal customization to ensure it’s suitable for the various tasks that might come up. The user can create custom categories, add items with their relevant information and images, rearrange them, and pin the most important ones to the POS dashboard for quick access.

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Stock management

Multi Branches Management

LitePoS connects all the branches of a single shop into one centralized management system that effectively achieves seamless operation between the different locations and tracks changes as they happen in any shop. The synching method ensures that the smallest alteration in the database is logged as it happens.

Cash Flow Reports

With a wide array of reports, LitePoS ensures that all the transactions, actions, and deals are logged and monitored within a simple forum that monitors all payments, inventory, item movement, cashiers, registry, vouchers, and discount. Every little event is monitored, saved and secured in a way that protects the data.


LitePoS contains multiple invoice types: sales, trade, return, purchase, move, as well as input and output invoices. This selection ensures all types of commercial transactions are accounted for and covered in the dashboard.

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Loyalty system

Custom client lists, account tracking and loyalty system levels are some of the features LitePoS offers as it focuses on building the bond between the client and business. With this, the user is able to see which of the customers is a regular, who should be a VIP, who earned points, gift cards, and who should have special vouchers in order to build a long-term profitable relationship.


Custom mailing lists have been added to LitePoS to ensure all clients are reachable in a few clicks. The filters allow the lists to be customized and adjusted to properly target specific customers with promotional offers, new products, and other news that interest them. All in favor of a more efficient approach to handle management through a simplified process.

Behavioral Reports

LitePoS tracks patterns through collecting purchase habits and analyzing the connected shops’ data. It determines the items the customers are most interested in, their favorite purchases, payment methods, account balance, rewards, debt, and all the other details that allows the user to better manage their business to achieve the most profit.

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POS Cloud-Based

Data safety

Multi-tiered firewalls, encryption, regular backup, and unified threat management tools are implemented within LitePoS to secure the user data and the system. Only those with the correct permissions will be granted access to the shop’s data and its most critical information. Business and transactions are secure with LitePoS.

Accessibility Anytime, anywhere

The browser-based software and the cloud servers allow LitePoS to be accessible from any device that has a working internet connection and proper credentials while the innovative synchronization system guarantees that changes are logged and saved as they happen across all branches.

Multi-Shops Support

Multiple branches of the same shop can use LitePoS all at once. The various devices can seamlessly connect through the business domain and use the system at the same time. Device activity is synched with the database on the fly in a way that doesn’t allow the users to overlap or conflict.

Integration with Existing Accounting Software

LitePoS has been designed to help Accounting programs. LitePoS is scalable and ready to integrate with existing accounting software that the business might be using in order to facilitate the data migration between the programs and support the existing systems.

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Tutorial videos and Customer Support

Our team of developers and customer care personnel are always ready to help and fix any issue that might arise in order to keep LitePoS in optimal working capacity at all times. Our aftersale services include: live chat support, tutorial videos, training sessions, constant update among many more.